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What Clients Say

I would first like to point out that Brenda was able to take a four week course and condense it to a 48 hour program.  This alone is a tremendous task let alone trying to impart all the important aspects of the curriculum while at the same time respecting the 48 hours time frame.

Working with Brenda over this short period has given me a wonderful insight into her very outgoing personality and professionalism.  Taking instruction from Brenda I experienced another dimension - that being an exceptional ability to interact with a variety of personalities and levels of experience.  Her examples are always very clear and every opportunity she has to relate the exercise to small business was capitalized upon.  Brenda has that unique talent to mix serious instruction with humor and light-heartedness.  Personally I have acquired a considerable amount of knowledge for such a short period of time.  Everything I learned I use almost on a daily basis.  This knowledge has allowed me to be more efficient & effective during my day and has given me more confidence in exploring my vast capabilities.  The results I've accomplished due to this course is undescribable.

G. Grenier

I am clear on 'what' I need to do in my business and 'how' to do it.  Thanks for keeping it simple yet detailed.  Your templates are practical, insightful and powerful.  It really was Crystal Clear.  

    B. Jones

The amount of interaction with the group, provoked by Brenda's vitality and level headedness surprised me, to be honest.  I feel motivated as a result of this first week; not that I wasn't before, I just feel it's now easier to access my motivation.  My ideas are becoming clearer and this is a product of Brenda's encouragement & positive enthusiasm and helpful knowledge.  I can and have gone out with my new skills and tools to create the business I always wanted.

D. Hodgetts

This course has really helped me to make some serious decisions into which paths of my life and business is going to take.  Brenda is a fantastic instructor, her attitude & process of teaching has gotten me to think on a more positive scale. I can really accomplish anything.

J. Franks

I enjoyed your style of presentation- enthusiastic, energetic.  You know your material.  You go into depth - good explanations and practical examples that you can apply immediately.  You call reality as it is.

S. French

Volunteer Work With Victora Women's Transition House, Victoria, British Columbia

I am very impressed with your consideration and caring as well as your excellent training skills and I know the woman all appreciated you very much.

Rosemary Joy, Community Relations - Manager

Inspirational Workshops

It is always interesting to listen to inspirational - motivational speakers.  The way she handled & presented herself is terrific.  Brenda is perfect for the subject.

I was really impressed with Brenda's attitude.  She seems to be a very strong independent person.  I will be more like her!!

S. Debruim

The course really makes you stop, and think in a way that most of us are not used to doing. Think about values, goals, life and what path we want to take at this time in our life.

L. Armstrong

Brenda's enthusiasm is infectious & inspiring.  The whole experience was a wonderful inspiration.

I. Kanhofen

I found out a whole lot about myself that I didn't realize which really helped me feel better about myself.

R. McDonald

Technical Training

Honest to God - I've never understood an instructor so well.  Not to mention felt comfortable with. 

P. Fortune

 Brenda was excellent.  I thoroughly enjoyed her teaching technique.  She has the patience of a Saint.  She also was very understanding.

D. vibe

The course was taught in a language that was very easy to understand.  Simple english and not technical.  Teaching with real life examples making computers very easy to learn.  Brenda has wonderful patience and is able to translate computer language wonderfully.

D. Hill