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Business Consulting


  • Hire For Attitude and Train For Skillls Recruitment Programs
  • Attracting, Interviewing, Retaining Employees
  • Pre-Employment Assessments - Design and Customize in-house applicant attitude/work style assessment tools

  • Reference Investigation Services
  • Job Descriptions & Competencies Validation Certification Services

  • Policies & Procedures and Employee Handbook Manuals

  • Orientation & Mentor Program

  • Effective Performance Review Programs

  • Positive Progressive Disciplinary Program

  • Compensation & Benefits Programs

  • Satisfaction and Recommendation Questionnaires and InterviewSurveys

  • Employee Relations and Leadership Coaching



  • Change is the one constant everyone experiences.  As a behavioural expert I work with individuals and organizations in not only accepting change but embracing it and maximizing on the opportunities that exist within change.
  • Liaison between all levels of management and employees to open two way communication, innovative solution recommendations and implementaiton.
  • Extensive coaching with management to assist to address any fear and uncertainty associated with change that may create unrest within the team or morale.  The effects of on-going coaching will naturally improve sales, service, productivity, communication, relationships with employees and supervisors and overall results as a whole by improving Leadership / Management skills and relationships with employees.
  • A thorough needs and issues assessment (SWOT analysis) performed to assess the most suitable and advantage methods and timeframes to launch the change management program.
  • Management and all supervisors were coached to improve ability in handling difficult situations, communication and motivational skills, employee morale, productivity, external perceptions, and overall results.


Sales program includes, but not limited to, the following components based on my book Lifestyle Selling for Women:

• What is Selling? Facilitate the Buying Process
• Skills/Traits Successful Sales People Have
• SWOT Analysis - What Makes You Different From Your Competition?
• USP – Unique Selling Proposition
• Know Your Ideal Niche Parameters
• Build Your Interaction Questionnaire of 4 Key Questions
• 6 Levels of Interest in the Buying Process
• Customizing 9 Methods of Inspiration in the buying process for your company
• Sales Presentations
• Over 30 Tools/Techniques to Closing the Sale and Handling Objections
• Internal and External Customer Service Excellence
• Prospect Management
• The Mathematics of Sales
• Dress for Success
• Factoring in Genders in the Sales